High Voltage Productions has been established in Athens-Greece, by Dimitris Chronis (owner of Texas & Underworld clubs - now Modu club), in early 2005.

They attempted to promote bands that didn't have, so far, the opportunity to perform live in front of the Greek audience (especially less known artists/performers), pursuing their true passion for all kinds of hard & heavy metal music as well as for gothic/industrial!

Along with the long experience of Dimitris and partners in organizing shows, they began to arrange the first shows under the moniker of High Voltage. The first ones took place at the famous Underworld club until the needs of bigger stages led 'em to arrange live shows at other venues too, followed by great success for both artists and fans.

An additional aim regarding High Voltage is to assist Greek musicians/bands to perform live regularly, in a more professional way and at higher standards. Shows take place every week, in the centre of Athens, at Sin City club, where every Greek artist, due to the provision of professional instruments and equipment performs live in the appropriate environment

Plans for the future (and present, actually!) are to establish a respect for the services that High Voltage Productions offers to local and foreign artists, a target that has already been achieved to a great extend. Moreover, the team visualizes the expansion of its activities aiming at bigger events...



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