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Band: Paul Laine (Danger Danger, The Defiants, Darkhorse)
Support: The Radiosun + Hideaway
Date: Wednesday 15, March 2017
Time: 20:00
Ticket Price: 25€ presale, 30€ on spot
Venue: MODU (Κολωνο 76 & Οδυσσως 14, Μεταξουργεο)
Ticket Presale:,, Sirens Recs
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Paul Laine was born in Vancouver, Canada. He left his home when he was 13 years old, and began playing in bars at from 15 years old! When he became 17 Paul started a management company with friends Les Horne and Fran Adamson and raised enough money to record an album and shopped it in the U.S., immediately garnering the attention of CBS who offered him a deal. It wasn’t long before other labels came to the table, and Paul was snatched up by Elektra. His demo also got the attention of Canadian VJ Terry David Mulligan, and Laine was promptly signed to a management deal with Bruce Allen Talent (Bryan Adams, Loverboy, Michael Buble’, Martina McBride, etc.) and went into Little Mountain Studio to record with mega producer Bruce Fairbairn (Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Poison, the Scorpions, AC/DC, etc.)
Laine then formed a band around Kenny Kaos (guitar), Scott Brown (bass guitar), Pat Steward (drums) and Gogo (keyboards) to record and perform his compositions. In 1990, he released his debut album called Stick It In Your Ear. Laine has also recorded and arranged backing vocals for Scorpions, as well as the multi platinum release of Poison’s Flesh and Blood.
In 1993 the members of Danger Danger came across Laine’s debut album. They liked his voice and offered him the lead vocalist spot in their band. He recorded 5 albums(Cockroach,Dawn,Four The Hard Way,The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves,Live And Nude) with the band during this period. In addition in 1996 the Can t get Enuff release was out,mostly a collection of demos &outtakes, that showed the ability of Paul in terms of songwriting and performing! He finally left Danger Danger in 2005 to work with his own band, Shugaazer.
He co-owned a successful recording studio in Vancouver, Canada. In 2007 he wrote, produced and performed all the music to webshow Connected life, which airs weekly on MSN Canada.
After that he released Let It Ride with Darkhorse in 2014 and he also teamed up with his former Danger Danger bandmates Bruno Ravel and Rob Marcello to form "The Defiants", who released their debut self-titled album on April 15, 2016.

Formed in 2012 by lead guitarist Stevie Janevski and vocalist Jase Old, the Melbourne boys recruited hometown bassist Robbie Erdmanis & Tasmanian Ben Wignall on drums and have since recorded 3 full length albums (and an ep), toured the USA three times whilst having played at a sold out festival in the U.K. earlier in the year to extremely positive reviews. Lead guitarist Stevie Janevski says, "The Radio Sun is all about being a 'real band' that releases albums yearly and tours worldwide as much as possible. Next year will see us expand our touring to places such as London, Wales, Athens Greece and Tokyo in Japan. I guess we're kind of old school and believe that touring is the best way to help spread the word and get to our audience. People seem to love that we have an 80's hard rock flavour along the lines of Def Leppard, Europe, Winger, Firehouse and Warrant yet still sound original enough to carve our own sound. We all sing, so big vocal harmonies help support our guitar based heavy rock". The Radio Sun have also reeked the benefits of writing a theme/anthem type of song for the Brisbane Lions A.F.L. Football Club called 'Never Knock A Believer' whilst also penning an original tribute song for legendary ex KISS guitarist Ace Frehley titled 'Space Man'.
The Radio Sun new album titled 'Outside Looking In' is mixed by Darkhorse/ex Danger Danger vocalist Paul Laine (who has worked with the boys on all albums) and also features a guest spot by famed John Farnham guitarst Brett Garsed. If you haven’t heard these Aussies yet, it’s time to get on board.

Band: Joe Lynn Turner
Support: Gakis & The Troublemakers + Method of 3
Date: Friday 31, March 2017
Time: 20:00
Ticket Price: T.B.A.
Venue: MODU (Κολωνο 76 & Οδυσσως 14, Μεταξουργεο)
Ticket Presale: T.B.A.
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να μοναδικ Electric Show του θρυλικο τραγουδιστ Joe Lynn Turner, φων των Rainbow, Deep Purple και τσων λλων μαζ με τον Γιργο Γκη και τους The Troublemakers σε να set list για λα τα γοστα του Classic Rock


Band: Reflection
Support: Forsaken (Malta) + Achelous
Date: Saturday 6, May 2017
Time: 20:00
Ticket Price: 8€ presale, 10€ on spot
Venue: MODU (Κολωνο 76 & Οδυσσως 14, Μεταξουργεο)
Ticket Presale:,, Sirens Recs, Music House Studio
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